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As in any country, before going on vacation to Dubai, you should know all the important information regarding the culture, events, important places and activities that you can do and enjoy in order to make the most of your long-awaited vacation in the second largest region of the United Arab Emirates – the emirate of Dubai.

When you are vacationing in Dubai, the first thing you need to think about is the hotel you are going to stay in and its location. Choose the one that is in the metropolis of Dubai. In this way, access to transport will be easier for you. The ideal is of course to avoid unpleasant surprises and to book your hotel online before even arriving in Dubai.

Some of the excellent hotels located in Dubai city include Grand Hyatt Hotel, Dusit Dubai Hotel, Al Sham Hotel Dubai, Nihal Hotel Dubai and Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai.

Go shopping in Dubai during your stay

Shopping in Dubai is one of the most popular activities for tourists in this emirate. Your vacation in Dubai can never be complete without going to the souks that can be found almost everywhere in the city. You can find almost everything in the souks or in the huge luxury shopping malls. Women will love shopping here, not only for jewelry, but also for clothes and other accessories.

There are many fashionable clothes that resemble those of the great designers, but at much lower prices. Veils are ubiquitous on Dubai’s store shelves. Buy handcrafted veils with unique and intricate designs to remember your vacation in Dubai when you return to your country.

Outings and leisure in Dubai

Seize the opportunity to go on a desert safari during your vacation in Dubai. Camel riding and sunset photography are the perfect combination on this safari tour. Men will love experiencing the thrills of dune bashing. Part of the desert safari is giving people a unique vacation in Dubai by entertaining them and serving them food in the traditional way. There are many things you can do while on a desert safari. That’s why a half-day trip is not enough.

Holidays in Dubai allow tourists to experience diverse tourism. Dubai can bring you the best of both worlds. You can experience the climate of European countries as well as the climate of the Middle East in a single emirate. There are indoor ski parks located in malls in Dubai. Some are made of real snow while others are made of artificial snow.

On the other hand, an authentic holiday in Dubai cannot do without a memory of sand skiing or sandboarding. As the Dubai desert has many towering sand dunes, there is no easier and more exciting way to enjoy them than to sand ski.

Relax on one of Dubai’s beaches

Most often, the beaches around Dubai belong to different hotels and resorts. Some of them can be accessed by paying a minimum fee. But there are of course beaches accessible to the public. Most of them are located near Dubai Creek and the Corniche. But no matter which beach you go to, be it private or public, you can still enjoy a wonderful tropical vacation and the vibe that Dubai is popularly known for.

However, Dubai’s beaches are subject to certain rules, whether you choose to relax on a grand private beach or in a water park. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted unless you are staying by a hotel pool. And due to Islamic culture, women are also not allowed to wear skimpy swimsuits on Dubai beaches. On the beaches of Dubai you can witness the captivating sight of the sunset in the region.

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