Delightful Desserts to Eat

True! You shouldn’t mistake to consider UAE only for delicious meat-dishes, in fact, it also has a lot to reveal for you in the category of sweets and while visiting the city Sharjah, you find a huge variety of desserts that are all set to enhance taste buds in your visit to this highly popular city for tourism. As time passes by, it city also emerges as the leading tourist destination after Dubai and a bunch of foreign visitors at every place reveals it, so you should also make the most out of this city in terms of tourism and never forget to try awesome desserts.

As it is one of the hottest parts of the world, so you get the real opportunity of enjoying desserts and ice creams. Moreover, for making your trip very interesting in terms of trying tasty desserts, this blog has noted down the best spots to try tasty desserts.

So do explore the list below.

1- La Cantine Du Faubourg

By its name, one can easily name it the French food-chain that has the amazing menu of desserts that you can enjoy in the nice evening of the city and the outdoor seating makes dessert-eating more perfect experience. Moreover, other than desserts, you also find a wide array of both local and international dishes, so stop thinking and visit this superb restaurant in Sharjah. While planning for any trip, the most important thing even before finalizing the hotel is booking a flight and for that Emirates is the right option, so choose it only and for making reservation highly economical, don’t forget to use Emirates promo code that can make things more affordable.

2- Molten Chocolate Café

It is also the fantastic café to visit for trying delicious desserts and the ambience is highly impressive, so you must visit it and try the stunning taste of desserts. You also find the quality drinks there that are essential to beat the heat and from waffles to tasty fondue towers, you find a wide array of sweets that can attract you.

3- Kullaj Omar Food-Truck

For getting the real taste of street-food, you must try it out and for middle-eastern sweets, you should visit this awesome spot and yes, the pricing is reasonable; hence, you also find foreign workers to enjoy who always stay in a hunt of saving money, so pay a visit to it and make your sharjah’s trip more remarkable with the sweets of this food-truck.

4- Dip ‘n Dip

This is also the most-visited spot to address the craving for different desserts and yes, the items are not only delicious but also affordable with offering the superb indoor-seating. Additionally, you must try the superb dessert consisting of the three awesome Belgian chocolates and the dessert is topped with the amazing chocolate decoration. Furthermore, the management of this spot takes a special care when it comes to use quality ingredients, so visiting it is the right move for every tourist.

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